Contextual Mumbling
Copenhagen Fashion Week
Dasha Plesen
Dave Wood
Emilie Engbirk
Emma Howells
Gustavo Segat & Samara Zuza
Grow Your Own Cloud
Gustav Vilstrup
Jon Erik Nyholm

Lærke Lauesen
Moa Gustaffson Söndergaard

Marta Djourina

Reevein Studios
Tine Bek
Tobias Nicolai
Yalla Ceramics

INN.02 The Surface Issue is the result of time spent observing, learning from and working with Earth's tangible, physical surfaces. Exhibiting creative and artistic work that studies our relationship with the environment, INN.02 draws parallels between body and biosphere and demonstrates diverse notions of nature and that which constitutes the manufactured world. Feature subjects share their actions toward a just ecosystem in the fields of film production, fashion, floristry, farming, science and technology, generating a colourful micro-glance at our physical world; creative canvas and ground for pursuit.

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